"The El'Li Incident"



After that messy business with B'sye Achtere and all that, Alcmedon decided that he and his new-found chums needed a little R&R. So, he took them to a golf tournament which his friend, Carue Dryf, was in. There our heroes were introduced to Carue and his partner, Vitri Tenkin, who is a story unto himself.

Carue, being the lucky bastard that he... was, won the tournament, and five thousand credits. His carefree attitude while playing upset the silver medalist, however, who attacked the group on their way to a bar. They defeated him handily, and laughing, continued to said bar. There Carue was approached by an associate who also happened to be a Rebel operative, who offered Carue, and his friends, a job acquiring a list of Imperial assassins. They accepted, and were told that the list was stored in the computer systems of Northstar, Inc. Alcmedon decided not to go, mostly because, at the moment, he was a gamemaster character, and that gets kinda messy.

Our heroes, then, made their way to this establishment, which was closed, night being the time they chose to attempt their break-in. They reconnoitered the building, utilizing Tset Nal's unique ability to not be seen. One of them, Torykh, even went so far as to go up onto the roof. Based on their information about the building, they quickly formed a plan, which was this: Roybis, whom no-one trusted to do anything really important, was to distract the guard by asking him directions to the nearest yarn shop or something. Torykh was to try to go in by a roof entrance. The other four, that is, Carue, Vitri, Tset, and El'Li, went around to the back, cleverly evading cameras and the security on the windows, and broke into an office where they thought they would find the info they were looking for.

Carue sat down and proceeded to slack, and that's when it all began. El'Li and Tset stood by, watching the master at work, and Vitri stood outside the window, watching for trouble. Carue could not find anything, and so El'Li started insisting that he be given his turn. Eventually, after Carue denied him, he threw Carue out of the chair. Carue pulled out his golf club and took a swing at El'Li. Tset, hoping to stop any violence before it started, grabbed Carue. Vitri came in the window, grabbed Tset and stunned her with his Droid Stun Extension©. Torykh, meanwhile, was crawling through the air vents, and Roybis was having a nice discussion with the guards about yarn and such. Tset decided it was all a little too crazy, and left, searching for that yarn shop. Carue sat down at the computer again, with Vitri guarding his back. El'Li once more threw Carue from the chair, so Carue decided it was time to leave and started for the window, while Vitri took a warning shot at El'Li. El'Li, feeling provoked, drew his vibro-axe and proceeded to make as large a hole as he could in Vitri's armor, and his insides, too. The droid went down, sparking. Carue, enraged at the death of his friend, went after El'Li, who then hacked the hacker -- with his axe. At this point, Torykh came down from the vent, saw what was going on, and suggested to El'Li that he run far, far away. Which he did.