B'sye Achtere

B'sye Achtere, a character originally conceived by the esteemed Mr. Bromley in his short career as a Gamemaster, is a bad, bad person in the extreme. No one likes him. I don't like him either, but I have incorporated him into the back story of Salix's Jedi training montage nonetheless. While I'm busy with other characters, I have decided to keep B'sye in that story to keep things interesting. After the now-legendary first battle between Salix and B'sye, I have had to make up the story so that time will have passed when and if I start playing as Salix again.

Basically, B'sye is an evil dude. He was originally created to give Salix a reason to pick up a lightsaber and assume his destiny. It worked. Unfortunately, the fight cost B'sye his leg. After much rehabilitation and a visit from a great Jedi spirit, B'sye was released into the general populace with a mechanical appendage. Things aren't going so well for him, however, since he still harbors much resentment towards Salix and the late Gerkan Bendoya. He taunts both Salix and Elyssa with the Dark Side that he never fully abandoned. They tolerate him simply because they need him. Jedi are scarce, and Salix is convinced that he can heal B'sye's tortured soul. Still, Salix is wise enough to sleep with one eye open and his lightsaber under his pillow. It helps to have Elyssa on the side of good, even though she has been tempted by the Dark Side more than once.
Drawings and capsule by Eric Blanchard