More drawings of T- Bone

Drawing by Ben Schwartz
Template Type: Demolitionist / Medic  
Character Name: T'click'hss'click  
Player: Ben  
Species: Verpine  
Sex: Male  
Age: 25  
Height: 1.9 m  
Weight: 150 lbs  
Dexterity 2D Knowledge 3D Perception 4D
Dodge 4D Streetwise 5D Sneak 6D
Running 3D    
Grenade 4D Technical 5D Strength 2D
Missile Weapons 4D Mechanical 2D
Special Abilities:
Body Armor: The Verpine's natural chitinous plate armor gives them a +1D against physical attacks
Microscopic Sight: The enhanced and specialized sight of the Verpine gives them a +1D to their search skill when looking for small details.
Technical Bonus: All Verpine receive a +2D bonus when using their technical skills.
Organic Telecommunication: Because Verpine can send and receive radio waves through their antennae, they have the ability to communicate with other members of their species and with specially tuned comlinks. The range is very limited when acting individually (1km) but greatly increases when in the hive (covers the entire Roche asteroid field).
Equipment: backpack, blast helmet, blast vest, macrobinoculars, datapad, medpacks x5, mechanic's tools, surgical equipment, comlink, glow rod, magnetic grappling hook  Weapons: 5 fragmentation grenades, 10 incendiary grenades, 5 smoke grenades, 5 light burst grenades, 5 thermal detonators, 4 sleeper grenades Move:
Force Sensitive:
Force Points:
Dark Side Points: