Lt. Jehrade is currently training the new recruits and whipping them into shape. He oversees the majority of the daily minutiae, while providing help for their budding military skills. He is under orders from Colonel Atum to keep them in line, effectively making him their "baby-sitter." Jehrade is only slightly annoyed, mostly because he follows orders from his trusted leaders and because he respects the short gray powerhouse known as Torykh Sharr.

Stepping back...
Lt. Jehrade has been in charge of ferrying the small three man squad on their wild goose chase. He was not terribly impressed by the "assassin" they eventually found, and was quite prepared to do away with the wise-cracking little punk. However, he was impressed by his Noghri companion. Lt. Jehrade has established a kinship with Torykh Sharr, after being laid out by the short martial-artist.

Jehrade was then assigned guard duty at the back of a "toy factory" while the rest of the squad infiltrated the facility and recovered valuable data files from a hidden Imperial computer. Jehrade was none too pleased to be assigned with this particular task, but since the recruits needed to get their feet wet, he followed his orders to the best of his ability. When alarms started going off, he and Toryke (whom he was placed in charge of) entered the facility and stopped two guards from discovering the rest of the team. Unfortunately, Col. Atum had met with guards as well (this time the big ones in white armor), and Lt. Jehrade was too late to clean house. Luckily, Pt. Roybis heroically saved the squad, showing off some of his latent "assassin" skills in classic Slaughterhouse fashion.

Although Lt. Jehrade's Coynite name is Skraj'Im Tro'Kroyn, he is rarely given an opportunity to display his heritage and ability so completely as he has in his next mission. He assumed that this was just a simple drop and retrieve mission, but that was far from accurate. He ended up clamped in the dark to a chair. He was none too pleased. However, he was able to contribute to the squad's escape from this pit by literally carrying two soldiers on his shoulders. But he was much more useful when the squad encountered a roomful of the biggest, baddest creatures in the galaxy. Here is how the next few minutes would have transpired had this been a Star Wars movie, edited for Jehrade's POV.

The squad, highly agitated, bursts into the room, weapons drawn. The camera pans across the room, which is littered with large wooden crates. Jehrade quickly sums up the situation- we've been screwed over again. There is a large alien to the right, but more to Jehrade's attention there is a Coynite mercenary to the left. In the next few seconds the squad breaks and the blasters bolts begin to fly. But Jehrade is standing solid, drawing his Coyn'skar and walking over to "greet" the mercenary from the planet they both call home. They eye each other for a moment, and then the mercenary speaks up.

Merc: "You have dishonored us. You are an abomination. Human, who are you to wear the K'tar of the Coynites?"
Jehrade: "I am Skraj'Im Tro'Kroyn of the clan Na'kem'sha'dar, and you must be..."
Merc: "Your executioner, mora'ga! Sat'skars Kabar'Ba! You are an insult to the En'Tra'Sol!"
Jehrade: "You have no honor, I am a Coynite!"
Merc: "zee'tah!"
Jehrade: "THEN DIE!"

The battle was brief but fierce: as the mercenary advances with a Coyn'skar, Jehrade hefts his own, and growls. The mercenary may be big, but he's slow. Jehrade disarms him in one move, sending the Coyn'skar clattering to the floor. The merc is not only slow, but he's also quite stupid, as he continues his attack unarmed. Skraj'Im cuts down the offender in two moves, incapacitating him. While absolute chaos is in progress all around them, the two warriors are almost serene in comparison now. Skraj'Im drops his Coyn'skar and draws his D'skar- the razor sharp dagger that he always carries with him. He bends low over the fallen giant, and grabs him by the collar, lifting the Coynite's head to meet eye to eye with the D'skar.

Merc: (spits blood)
Jehrade: "Now swear... swear or meet your maker."
Merc: (spits blood at Skraj'Im)

At this point Skraj'Im drives the dagger downward and across, ending the Coynite's life in classic Slaughterhouse fashion. Naturally Skraj'Im was referring to the traditional oath of tracc'sorr, which is the only way one may show mercy in combat. The Coynite would rather die, of course, than owe tracc'sorr to a human. Tracc'sorr is not offered to every opponent a Coynite fights, but Skraj'Im is human and has a streak of mercy in him. However, Skraj'Im also must honor the En'Tra'Sol, and finishes his opponent.