Physical Description: Big. Hairy. Violent. Wears coveralls. Did I mention hairy?

Background: Odyynrah has been working on Sullust as a starship mechanic since the demise of the Empire, scraping together what he could in the hard times. He hopes to someday buy his own ship, and start a shipping business. Many of the people he has met think that this is an absurd idea, and recommend that he go into the First Mate business. But he is determined to show the galaxy that Wookiees can be leaders and businesmen- most humans think of Wookiees at best as hired hands; at worst as animals.

Personality: He's big, furry, and hates to lose. He gets angry very easily and gets a lot of respect from people- mostly out of fear. He can fix (or fudge) just about any technical equipment, but he loves starships, and is fascinated by the tales of the traders that come to him in port. He knows that his people have more to offer than just their crossbows. He dreams of traveling accross the galaxy in a cargo ship, just as soon as he can afford it.

Objective: To get into the legit cargo business for himself, and establish for himself some real respect.

A Quote: "You can dress a boy up in fancy white armor, but that don't mean he'll withstand a blow from a seven foot enraged wookiee."