Physical Description: Tall, dark and mean. He's the roughest, toughest, lean, mean, fifty two year old fighting machine you ever seen. His skin's as leathery as a crocodile, his eyes own you, and his face, well, he won't be on the cover of Vanity Fair any time soon. He hardly ever wears an actual uniform, but you always know he's the colonel. And even though he usually has a stogie in his mouth, you very rarely misunderstand what he says.

Background: On his native planet of Wrythos IV, he was always interested in the concept of protection. He never tolerated bullies a day in his life. It was with this mindset that he entered the competition to become the bodyguard for the representative of the planet, Darien Jehrade. His physical prowess and undying determination won him the position hands down. Soon after, however, Jehrade took his family on a vacation cruise, and mysteriously brought only one bodyguard, not Sed Atum. Needless to say, Jehrade and his wife were assassinated. Attacked by two Loag Assassins, the sole Coynite bodyguard managed to save one of Jehrade's infant twin sons. Sed was not only out of a job, but riddled with guilt, wishing he had been there. Having no direction, he joined the Rebellion, to try to make amends by helping to take on the biggest bully in the galaxy, the Empire. He did a pretty damn good job.

Personality: He's one mean dude. He knows he's one mean dude. He knows that you know he's one mean dude. He knows that anyone who doesn't know that he's one mean dude, is gonna find out real fast. Ergo, he doesn't need to prove that he's one mean dude. Nuff said.

Objective: To kick the Empire in the pants

A Quote: "This is a grade A class 1 CLUSTERF*#K!!!"

Connection with other characters: Commanding officer