Gerkan Bendoya

By right, I should let Jesse write a capsule for this character. However, getting anyone in this group to write anything about anyone is like pulling teeth, so I'll do it myself. Nyah.

Gerkan is the man who set Salix on the path of the Jedi. When B'sye appeared in order to destroy Salix, Gerkan appeared in order to help Salix. He instructed him in the most rudimentary battle skills, skills which saved Salix's life when the time came. Yet that is all that we really know of Gerkan, because soon after, Gerkan took Salix from the group of characters to teach him properly in the ways of the Jedi. I have written many notes on the fate of these two, and Gerkan's fate is a tragic one. Sick and old, Gerkan succumbed to illness at the age of seventy-eight. Not even the Force could cure his ailment. But before he became one with the universe, he gave Salix four words of advice; "Always remember the balance." This enigmatic phrase keeps Salix wondering just what exactly he meant. But Gerkan has given Salix more to ponder than his words; he has left without completing Salix's training. Many questions are left behind. Where did Gerkan come from? How did he become a Master? Was he ever really a Master at all? Salix's drive to become a full Jedi Knight is followed closely by his desire to answer these questions. Not even Elyssa can answer them, and if B'sye does know, he's not saying.
Drawing and capsule by Eric Blanchard