More drawings of El'Li

Drawing by Ben Schwartz
 Template Type:  Horansi Hunter  
 Character Name:  El'Li  
 Player:  Ben  
 Species:  Mashi Horansi  
 Sex:  Male  
 Age:  20  
 Height:  1.7m  
 Weight:  150 lbs
 Dexterity 4D  Knowledge 2D  Perception 4D
 Blaster 5D  Jungle Survival 3D  Search 6D
 Bow 5D    Sneak 6D
 Mechanical 2D  Technical 2D  Strength 4D
Weapons: bow and quiver, hunting knife, 4 throwing knives, vibroaxe (stained with the blood of a former companion) Equipment:camouflage clothing for urban, night, and jungle environments, macrobinoculars, imperial ID, weapons lisences, 40 credits Special Abilities: Keen Senses: Mashi Horansi are nocturnal, and rely on their four other senses more than sight. they suffer no Perception penalties in darkness Sneak: Mashi Horansi gain a +2D bonus to all Sneak rolls