Type: Rennaisance man  
Name: Jesse oF Bromley  
Species:   Human Fucking Being  
Sex: Male   
Age: 18  
Height: 5'8"  
Weight: 140 lbs  
Knowledge 3D Willpower: Stubborn 4D Perception 2D+1
Music 4D+1: Trombone 5D+2 Theater 4D+2: Men Who Come To Dinner 7D Persuasion: Whining 4D
Alien Species: Ladies 5D   Forgery 3D
Technical 2D+1 Dexterity 3D Strength 2D
Life Repair 3D: Ladies 4D Drawing 4D: Cartooning 6D Brawling: Wrestling 2D+2
Pool: 4D Mechanical 2D+2
    Ground Vehicle Operations 3D: 1988 Ford Taurus Wagon named Bessie 7D
Weapons: Bad Puns: Brain Damage 5D, Bach Omega Trombone, Luger Watch: Scratch Damage Str + 2, Special Abilities: Diet: Jesse can live eating only Ritz Bitz, Sprite, and cereal. Belching: Due to his diet Jesse has a constant supply of gas to blast from his mouth, just his mouth.
Equipment: Paper, several American Natural pencils, Chucks, derby, necklace with rune "algiz." Move: 10
Force Sensitive: yup
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Physical Description: Tall dark and handsome in the Bizzarro world. Here in our reality he's short, pale and "cute" on a good day. Always sporting his spectacles and rune necklace, he varies between a casual swinger's outfit and "schlumpwear."
Background: Jesse grew up in the smallest town in the smallest state in America. Living in Scituate, Rhode Island all your life can be quite exciting... if you're a mosquito and you only live one day. Since Jesse is not a mosquito, and has lived there for eighteen years, he had to learn to use his imagination to fend off the boredom that threatens to consume all citizens of that land. Jesse searched for outlets for his imaginary proficiency, and discovered theater and cartooning. These two activities soon came together in the Star Wars Role Playing Game, which gave Jesse characters to play, and to draw. After arriving at Mass Art, Jesse introduced this game to his roommate, was over heard by their suite mate, and then recruited other friends, and founded the three ring circus that this site is all about.
Personality: Jesse is kind, gentle, and prefers not to hurt people. These are traits that conflict severely with his Wookiee-like temper, which he is forever struggling to subdue. He has a knack for fixing problems, mostly other people's. He's a slacker to the core, but also a perfectionist, another discordant duo of virtues. He has been described by the one who knows him best, as a bundle of contradictions. Others who do not truly understand his particular brand of wit have simply labled him, a jackass.
Objective: To fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Apple Pie, rid the world of evil, and someday, to make the world see Galagher for the artistic genius he truly is.
A Quote: "I draw cartoons."
Connection with other players: Lived with Eric as college roommates, former suite mate of Alex, current suite mate of Phil, and Josh's roommate's fellow orientation group member.