More drawings of Torykh
Template Type: Assassin  
Character Name: Torykh Sharr  
Player: Phil  
Species: Noghri  
Sex: Male  
Age: ??  
Height: 4' 6"  
Weight: 125 lbs  
Dexterity 4D Knowledge 3D Perception 4D
Firearms 5D+1    
Melee Combat 6D    
Melee Parry 5D Technical 3D Strength 5D
Dodge 5D+1   Brawling 8D+2
Mechanical 3D  
Space Transport 4D+2  
 Weapons: heavy blaster pistol 5D    Special Abilities: +2D to brawling
+1D+2 to damage
+1D to claws
+2D to teeth
+2D to hide or sneak
+2D to search
 Equipment: 70,680 cr, protective vest (+1D/p, +1/e), medpack x2   Move: 12
Force Sensitive: no
Force Points: 0
Dark Side Points: 0