Template Type: Loose Cannon  
Character Name: V3 Tenkin  
Player: Eric  
Model: Modified 3-PO droid  
Sex: male  
Age: 4  
Height: 1.7m  
Weight: 102.35kg  
Dexterity 4D Knowledge 3D Perception 3D
Brawling Parry 5D Value 4D Bargain 4D
Dodge 5D Streetwise 4D   Con 4D
Mechanical 2D  Technical 3D  Strength 3D  
Droid Programming: Protocol 4D Brawling: Droid Kickboxing 4D
Droid Repair: Protocol 4D
Weapons:    Special Abilities:
Equipment: (body) Humanoid body, A/V sensors, vocabulator, broad band antenna, modified AA-1 Verbobrain, body armor, Visotherm™ heat vision sensor, Dactylgrip™ heavy grasping arm, Compnor™ Droid Stun Extension©, unknown model internal hold out blaster Body Armor: phys. +1D/ener. +1
Heat Vision: +3D to search/+2D to search through cover
Grasping Arm: opponents caught in a grapple- Very Difficult escape (STR)
Internal Blaster: 3D dmg
Toe Claw: STR+2D dmg
Internal Stun: 3D stun dmg (contact only)
Equipment: (random) droid tool kit, fusion cutter   Move:
Force Sensitive:
Force Points:
Dark Side Points: