Type: Game Master/Weirdo  
Name: Josh Caswell  
Species:   Human. Duh.  
Sex: Male   
Age: 18  
Height: 5' 11"  
Weight: 162 lbs  
Knowledge 4D Dexterity 2D+2 Perception 4D
Trivia 4D+2 Archery 3D+1 Improvisation: Gamemastering 6D
Baron Munchausen 4D
Cooking: 4D+1
Technical 2D+2 Painting 3D Daydreaming 5D
Computer Ops/Repair: Macintosh G3... er 3D Guitar 3D+2 Gambling: Poker 4D+2
  Mechanical 2D Strength 2D
Weapons: Princeton Art & Brush Co. Flat #4 1D (potential poisoning from paint) 1/5/10 ammo 1, Victorinox Swiss Army Knife STR+1D, Blistering Taunts 8D 3-6/10/25, Long Bow 2D+2 10/25/50, Fleem dropping from the sky on a character's head 0D (humiliation) 3-1000/3000/90000000 Equipment: Samick Acoustic Guitar, Windsor & Newton Oil Paints, Hohner Marine Band Harmonica (key of G), Deck of Bicycle Playing Cards, random pieces of paper, every REM album, guitar pick, wool sort-of- Indiana- Jones- but-not- really-and-dammit- it's-not-a-cowboy- hat- Hat
  Move: 9
Force Sensitive: yes
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points:0
Special Abilities: Hilarity 6D: Josh can find something to laugh about in nearly every situation. Walking Compass 7D: When walking, Josh has an enormous ability to find his way to where he wants to go, through a strange combination of luck, intuition, and any knowledge of the area he might have. His methods do not always inspire confidence in friends who are accompanying him, but he never does get lost.
Physical Description: Josh's clothing can be summed up in two words: Earth Tones. Every single piece of clothing that he owns is some shade of green or gray or brown. He'd like everybody to think that he's channeling the Old Masters, but really, he just doesn't like being brightly clothed. His dark brown hair is done up in a pony tail, and consider purchasing several dozen lottery tickets on the day you see it down. When out-of-doors, his head is covered by his "wool sort-of-Indiana-Jones-but-not-really-and-dammit- it's-not-a-cowboy-hat Hat," which he tries to remember to take off every time he goes inside.

Josh is not too tall, not too thin, and not too able to grow a beard.
Background: Josh was created spontaneously one day in August 1998, and anything he has ever told anyone about his life previous to MassArt has been a fabrication.
Personality: It used to be that everyone who Josh met remarked that he was such a quiet person. Lately, that really doesn't happen much. Whether this is linked to his ascension into Gamemasterdom, and the accompanying need to be loud and talkative to get anything done, is still being studied.

Josh really likes having duels of wit with other people, and is always delighted when he meets people, like his fellow role-players, who can keep up with his bizarre puns and jokes. Because some of his puns, man, they're out there. Josh also tends to be a friendly person. He absolutely can't put up with rudeness, though. He never really does anything about people who are rude, just savors the thought of what he would do to their characters, were they only players in his game. . .
Objective: To found an internationally famous rock band and become rich. Failing that, to make some pretty good paintings while not starving. Also, to write the best damned Star Wars adventure ever.
A Quote: "..."
Connection with other players: Met Jesse in Art History class, got suckered in at first as a player for the SWRPG, then came into his own as a GM.