The character that no one wanted to play

 Template Type:  Cannon Fodder
 Character Name:  Hugiro "Huggie" Bunbun
 Player:  (no one willing to undertake this)
 Species:  Fuzzolian
 Sex:  Male…?
 Age:  9 ¾ years
 Height:  1.3m
 Weight:  60kg
 Physical Description:  Looks like a pink bunny with a bandolier and a sun dress.
 Background:  In the land of make-believe, you always dreamed of a life in the farthest reaches of the universe. You got that wish when your fairy godmother told you to click your heels together and say three times; "There's no place like Alderaan, there's no place like Alderaan, there's no place like Alderaan…" But since you ended up in some place called "Coyn," and no one here seems to know where Alderaan is, you have reservations about trusting that nice man with the pixie wand again. And you still can't sit down comfortably… what kind of pixie wand was that, anyway??
 Personality:  You love sunny days, rainbows, and ice cream. You know very little about the galaxy, but you hope that some nice person will show you around. Oh, and you only know two words of Basic: "Suck it." Whatever THAT means.
 Objective:  To have fun, make new friends, and frolic across the galaxy.
 A Quote: (translated)  "Hey guys! Let's go get some cotton candy!"
 Connection with other  characters:  (yeah right, like anyone wants to be associated with YOU)