Salix's Lightsaber

Melee Weapon: Lightsaber
Availability: 4, X
Cost: ---
Difficulty: Difficult
Damage: 5D

Modes: off / standby / active
Settings 1: 1.2 metres (+25% to width)
Setting 2: 1.7 metres

Salix used two lightsabers to construct this one- his old master Gerkan Bendoya's, and his defeated(?) enemy B'sye Achtere's. The result of combining the two lightsabers is a simple yet powerful design, and a large one at that. Salix's new saber has a massive blade, which can then be adjusted with one click to over two metres. The normal length setting has a wider blade than most sabers. The extra length setting redistributes the power, normalizing the width and extending the length. The blade is a deep blue, and occasionally flickers when adjusted into a bright flash of yellow.