Boreus Sam

Boreus Sam is one big, fat, mean bastard. Or at least he'd like people to think so. In the grand scheme of things, he's little more than a two-bit thug with a bunch of one-bit thugs doing his dirty work. He's well aware of the fact that he's completely insignificant in the galactic network of criminal empires. He also knows that if the Hutts ever slugged their way in, his operation would be overrun in a matter of seconds. It is probably for this reason that he holds onto the tiny empire he has with such a bastardly iron fist. In order to compensate for being so small, he's simply meaner. Basically he never forgets a grudge, or a debt, and he'll never let you go. And if he sends someone to rough you up, you'll receive a much more extensive beating than from anyone else's hired goons, just to show everybody what a tough guy Boreus Sam is.
Capsule by Jesse Bromley Above drawing by Eric Blanchard