Type: Web Master  
Name: Eric Blanchard  
Species:   Human  
Sex: Male   
Age: 21  
Height: 6' 1"  
Weight: 165 lbs  
Knowledge 3D Dexterity 2D+1 Perception 3D
Intimidation 5D Drawing 4D Sneak 4D+2
Scholar 4D+2 Photographing 6D Persuasion: Debate 6D
Technical 3D Juggling 4D Strength 2D+2
Computer Programming/ Repair 4D Typing 3D Brawling: Tae Kwon Do 4D
Web page design 4D Dodge 7D Mechanical 2D
 Special Abilities:
Sleep deprivation-induced rage: If Eric does not get sufficient sleep, and becomes agitated, he gains +2D to his Strength. This adrenaline rush causes him to act like a gorilla on steroids. Anyone caught in the path of this rage will quickly find themselves in a heap on the side of the road. Supernatural Luck: Eric's gods are very, very kind to him. They shower him with little strokes of luck and have blessed him with a golden touch. This tends to piss off his friends. Eric gains +4D to any skill when no one else can accomplish the task, or when he needs to do something "impossible." Photographic Memory: Eric's memory is impeccable, and this can sometimes annoy people. He knows movie scripts and song lyrics of which he quotes to no end. Eric gains +3D (to the skill) whenever he's attempting to recall facts or quotes, or when he's trying to win an argument.
Weapons: 35mm Ricoh SLR 3D 0.5-2/20/inf, Hewlett Packard Pavilion 7D 1/5/inf, HoTMetal PRO 5.0 4D 1/5/20  
Equipment: pocket watch, light meter, set of carved runes, sunglasses, "King Arthur's Shield" pendant Move: 11
Force Sensitive: yes
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 3
Physical Description: Eric has a beard, shaved head, and a sardonic grin on his face. He's of the tall, dark, and scary type. Clad in drab earthtones, in his black trenchcoat or jean jacket, he appears rather imposing and most people (who don't know him) give him the same measure of respect as they would Darth Vader. He usually wears heavy boots, but has a soft step and has been known to "sneak up" on just about everyone. Eric's got a couple of tattoos and usually wears a "wife beater." His physical presence is often misunderstood as "violent."
Background: Eric was born and grew up in "the city known as the town of Methuen," Massachusetts. He went to Methuen High School, and there discovered his talents for art and poetry. He has spent the last two years at The Massachusetts College of Art honing those skills. In his sophomore year there he was introduced to the Star Wars RPG.
Personality: Eric is an eclectic brand of artist, poet, shaman, and student. He keeps to himself mostly, but when provoked he tends to go into realms of obscure references and deep psychological insight. Eric doesn't really want to make anyone's life miserable, but he will push buttons when necessary. He tries to teach and learn by metaphor and example. So when he's not debating the Zen-nature of unreality or the lack thereof, he's in deep observation mode. Art and life are all that is important to him, and the enjoyment within them. All the rest is just details (which are meticulously filed, referenced, and categorized). And when unexpected things happen, well, that's just part of life too.
Objective: To wipe out humanity off of the face of the earth, and rebuild it in his own image... that is, as long as it doesn't require a whole lot of effort.
A Quote: "Things that are bad, by their very nature, are generally just not good."
Connection with other players: Eric has been friends with these guys since his sophomore year at MassArt.