Physical Description: Vitri's humanoid droid body is dented and carbon-scored, a tarnished chassis with heavy modifications. He was created from a protocol droid, but not much of his original function remains. His left hand and forearm is skeletal in appearance, having been grafted from an old war droid. His upper body has a number of protective "ribs" designed to shield physical attack. Vitri's entire right leg, except for his foot, is black and armored, hiding several compartments. His right foot ends in two sharp, clawed toes. Vitri has an eye shield attached to the right side of his head. His right forearm hides a small retractable blaster. He usually wears a boot over his "human-like" left foot, a glove over his right hand, pants with the right leg cut off, and animal skins over his shoulders. Vitri speaks in heavy Russian accent.

Background: Vitri was a standard protocol droid until the Tenkin tournament purchased him, turning him into a mindless savage. With his new programming Vitri learned to improve his fighting skills. He eventually overrode his own basic life preservation programming. Vitri escaped from his employer, beating him within an inch of his life. The cause of this loss of moral center is still uncertain, but he seems to think that an errant bread roll may have knocked something loose. He decided to stick to Carue out of gratitude, then possibly out of friendship. However, don't ever suggest that Carue "bought" Vitri or else you might find yourself missing a few limbs.

Personality: Vitri is usually an aggressive bully, and will pick a fight with any droid he encounters. He tends to get defensive when anyone suggests he is incapable of free thought or expects him to translate anything. Vitri exhibits a most unusual human characteristic: he has a rather twisted sense of humor. Vitri is occasionally prone to bizarre, even psychotic behavior, due to his unstable, homemade programming. He has been known to sing at the most inappropriate moments, he has been seen in several bar fights, and likes to haggle over spare droid parts.

Objective: To establish for himself respect as a true sentient being, and to protect Carue and his friends.

A Quote: "I am fluent in over six million forms of kicking your ass!"

Connection with other characters: Vitri has been hanging with Carue since he became "sentient." He met the rest of the crew on a dangerous hacking mission which ended in absolute disaster. He is familiar with Alcemedon through Carue.