Physical Description: Short, gray, and stocky, Torykh Sharr is an ogre of a Noghri. He is always wrapped in dark cloaks and a deep, dark hood.

Background: Worked for the Empire. Most recent mission was to assassinate a leader of a newly discovered race. During the attempt, Torykh has a moral check and aborts his mission. In doing so, he crosses the Empire and his kin!

Personality: Blood-thirsty assassin. Trusts very few and has no friends other than Salix, a renegade of his own people for having different beliefs. Quiet and unnoticed at times, but when the battle begins, Torykh is on the front line.

Objectives: To keep moving. Torykh is on the run, knowing that with every move, the Empire could be watching. Torykh's objective is to protect himself and his friend Salix, while evading the Empire.

Connection with Other Characters: Salix- his only friend. Odyynrah- hostile, but respectful.