Physical Description: panther-like humanoid with lustrous black fur, circle of white fur around his right eye, he is very quiet in a predatory manner

Background: found in the jungles of Mutanda (by imperial scouts), he was "drafted" into the imperial army with the hopes of creating a new class of imperial assassin. he had been raised as a tribalistic hunter, and was resentful of his captors. he was not treated poorly, however, and had no inherent distrust of the empire that many of its "citizens" do. during a recent battle, the star destroyer he was travelling on was called into combat with some form of "rebel alliance". El'Li was "released to make his own way in the world" by the rebels, but resents both the rebellion and the alliance for ruining his chances at a normal life.

Personality: El'Li is a hunter, through instinct and training. he has no qualms regarding the kill, and sees such as part of the way of all life. coming from a culture where being unnoticed is the ultimate rule of the hunt, he is a master of stalking a kill. El'Li is a little naive about technology and other species, but is learning quickly

Objectives: El'Li is on the run from the sentient droid called Vitri (V-3PO). After destroying Vitri's body and nearly destroying his computerized brain, as well as killing Vitri's best friend Carue, he has decided himself to be incompatible with other species, and is trying to vanish back into the jungles of Mutanda, if he can ever find it.

Quote: "Nobody ever listens to me"

Connection with Other Characters: former companion, slew one of the party's members and nearly destroyed another, now on his own after leaving with the help of the Noghri Torykh Sharr.