Mashi Horansi, the Night Stalkers

Lone, solitary, sleek, and black, the Mashi Horansi stalk the small jungles of Mutanda with great cunning. They are the only species of Horansi that remains nocturnal like their ancestors, and thus have a great advantage over the other Horansi races. They are very quiet and are rarely, if ever, seen by any but the most skilled of scouts and hunters. They mate once for life and the males raise the young. Because of their beauty, stealth, and rarity, their skins are the most prized of all Horansi.
Mashi Horansi make use of technology when it is convenient, but are still uncomfortable with many aspects of it. The Mashi who have moved to Justa have adapted well, discovering a natural aptitude for many skills.
Solitary, superstitious and nocturnal, Mashi Horansi are unpredictable. They are the prime target of poachers on Mutanda and accept this with a mixture of resignation and pride. A Mashi feels that if he must be the target of hunters, let him take a few with him.

Mashi Horansi
Attribute Dice: 12D
Attribute Minimum/Maximums:
Special Abilities:
Keen Senses: Mashi Horansi are used to nighttime activity and rely more on their senses of smell, hearing, taste and touch than sight. They suffer no Perception penalties in darkness.
Sneak Bonus: At the time of character creation only, Mashi Horansi receive 2D for every ID in skill dice they place in sneak; they may still only place a maximum of 2D in sneak (2D in beginning skill dice would get them 4D in sneak).
Story Factors:
Nocturnal: Mashi Horansi are nocturnal. While they gain no special advantages as a race, their life-long experience with night-time conditions gives them the special abilities noted above.
Move: 11/14
Size: 1.5-2 meters tall

-From "The Star Wars Planets Collection" by West End Games