Type: Terrestrial forest
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Forest, plains, mountains, marshes
Length of Day: () standard hours
Length of Year: 38() local days
Sapient Species: Coynites (N)
Starport: 5 stellar class
Population: 8()0 million
Planet Function: Homeworld trade
Government: Feudal garrison-state
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: Lumber, weaponry, mercenaries
Major Imports: Foodstuffs high tech metals
System: Coyn
Star Name: Coynek (orange star)
Orbital Bodies:

 Name  Planet Type
 D'Skar  searing rock
 Coyn  terrestrial forest
 Sat'Skar  barren rock
 Ba'Har  gas giant
 Tro'Har  ice ball

World Summary
Coyn ("land of conflict and blood") is a relatively flat, temperate planet covered with large tracts of woodland. Coyn has regular seasons, including a hot summer and a moist and cool winter. The poles are cold, with moderate ice caps. The equatorial regions are warm and humid.

 Coyn system, star: Coynek, orange star. Five planets in system; second planet, Coyn, is inhabited. Coyn is a major trade crossroads system in Elrood Sector.

From the Coyn Bureau of Tourism: You are approaching the planet Coyn, Gate- way of Elrood Sector, and homeworld of the proud and noble Coynite people.

Coyn is famous for its weaponry and is also home to the Mercenary Guild of Coyn, which boasts the mightiest warriors of this world. Our mercenary activities are famous through- out the galaxy.

As our guests, you are expected to honor and obey the En'Tra'Sol, the King-Law. It is a legal system that has provided for our needs for thousands of years, and it is the standard of conduct by which all are judged.
As you approach our world, keep in mind the following things:
 ¥ We are a warrior culture and value honor, valor, and loyalty. Cowardice and weakness are despised. n Irn ml ,the used for a warrior Datafile
¥ Warriors who have shown bravery in combat bat are respected, kindred spirits.
¥ Never touch a Coynite with your bare hands unless that person has granted permission. This is a punishable crime. ¥ Hollow threats, failure to defend oneself, falsely preparing one's weapon for combat, deception, thievery and dishonesty are pun- punishable crimes. One who displays these traits or acts in such a manner is branded af'harl, or "cowardly deceiver." af'harl are "unseeable" in the eyes of the Coynites, and have no legal rights. They may be enslaved, beaten, murdered or dealt with in any way that a Coynite citizen sees fit. af'harl who have been en- slaved are property of that Coynite's estate and thus are protected by and answerable to that Coynite. Coynites are responsible for the actions of their af'harl.
¥ Allowing an opponent to surrender in combat bat is only permissible if that opponent swears tracc'sorr, or fealty. Enjoy your stay.

Coyn is ruled by a militaristic sovereignty. The absolute ruler is the En'Tra ("King-Master"), whose formal title is En'Tra'Sol'Tais'Tra ("King-Master of Law, Land and Cities".) The En'Tra, in turn, parcels out land to various noble families, called En'Tra'Ag'Tra ("King-Master's highest-servants').
Most of the nobility comes from families with a lasting martial tradition the Coynites are a species of warriors and thus respect and follow those who prove themselves formidable war- warriors. This system has lasted for thousands of years. The capital is in the city of En'Tra'Tal, or "King-City."
The world bustles with trade, as it is the first world that most ships visit upon entering Elrood Sector. However, the rather brutal warrior culture makes the world a dangerous place; experienced spacers are normally very careful when dealing with the Coynites and their unique perceptions of justice.

System Summary
Coynek ("light of land of conflict and blood") is an orange star that gives the skies of Coyn a pink and orange cast. D'Skar ("dagger"), the planet closest to the sun, is a small, nightmarish planet with frequent earth tremors and volcanic activity. Sat'Skar ("sword") is a "sister planet" to Coyn, with a comparable mass. The world is extremely hot (due to increased levels of forms are primitive fungi, bacteria and microbes.
Ba'Har ("battle blade") is a multi-colored gas giant with five moons. Ba'Har has a small band of rings, the remains of a moon torn apart by gravitational stresses thousands of years ago.
Tro'Har ("farthest blade' is the outermost planet in the system and is an inhospitable ice ball. The Coynites have placed an automated navigational beacon here to direct incoming traffic.

Gateway to Elrood Sector
Coyn is the crossroads of the E-D Run and the Coyn Route, the route leading to other major trade routes in the galaxy. Since the occupation of Derilyn, the Coyn Route has become the major passageway to other sections of the galaxy, and thus Coyn is called the "Gateway to Elrood Sector."
Coyn's starports, both orbiting and planetary, are popular stop-offs for fueling and supplies prior to leaving the sector. Ships coming into the sector often stop here because of the many cargo storage facilities. Often, galactic freighters simply ply dump their cargoes here. Then, regional cargo lines pick up the cargo and deliver it to the other worlds along the E-D Run.
Of course, there is much more than trade going through Coyn. Elrood 's backwater status is an invitation to those who want to disappear for a while. Accordingly, many bounty hunters (Grea included) and Imperial officials, frequent Coyn. Violence is a major problem in the spaceports, due largely to Coynites' system of law.

Coyn Starports To handle the great volume of traffic passing through the system, Coyn has five stellar class starports. The prime starport is Skraj'Tais. "Skyland." It is an orbiting space station capable of hosting hundreds of ships at a time. It is similar in design to Kwenn Space Station and is the major starport for those who have no business on Coyn itself.
The other four stellar class starports are on the surface of the planet. They are En'Tra'Tais ("Kingland"), Im'Tra'Tais ("Princeland"), Ah'Kra'Tais ("Common-craftersland"), and Kroyn'Tais, "Warriorland." There is also a one standard class starport, Kra'Tais "Craftersland"), which is a common destination for those purchasing goods from Coyn. Each of these starports is within major cities: En'Tra'Tal, Im'Tra'Tal, Ah'Kra, Kroyn'Tal and Kra.
Characters may be sent to any of the starports. although if they make it clear that they are just passing through, they will almost certainly dock at Skraj'Tais. The main Imperial base on Coyn is at Kroyn'Tais, although there is a minimal presence in the system.
The starports are similar in design, but En'Tra'Tais starport is the largest. The city of Ah'Kra has excellent medical, repair and resupply ply services. Im'Tra'Tais is the most luxurious starport. Each starport has two Prosperity-class defense ships, purchased from Elrood.
Visiting ships are hailed by the Coyn'Skraj'Har ("Coyn-sky-blade," or Coyn's space fleet). The new arrival must declare what cargo is carried, intended business and reduced length of stay. If the ship is here to pick up a specific cargo, this will be verified. Berthing fees are 50 credits a day, regardless of the starport.
One good thing about Coynite starports is that once a ship berths, the Coynites take it upon themselves to be fully responsible for the ship's security. Starport security patrols the pads, making sure that no ship is broken into.

Starport Security Guards. Dexterity 3D, blaster: blaster pistol 5D, Knowledge ID, Mechanical ID, Perception 3D, Strength 3D, brawling 5D, Technical cal ID. Move: 12. Blaster rifle (5D), coyn'skar (STR+2D), blast vest (+1D physical, +l energy).

The Coynites are a tall, heavily muscled species of bipeds. Their bodies are covered with a fine golden, white or black to brown fur, and their heads are crowned with a shaggy mane.
They are natural born warriors with a highly disciplined code of warfare. A Coynite is rarely seen without armor and a weapon. These proud warriors are ready to die at any time, and indeed would rather die than be branded af'harl.
Coynites could conceivably live up to 250 standard years, but their warrior culture results in an average life span of a mere 53 years. Coynites reach Physical maturity in their early twenties. Coynite children are born in var'sairk (capital- ized when referring to noble families; means "birth-group" or litter) of two to six children, and all children of a litter are of the same sex. Coynite appearance and conduct are tied to a rigid social code. the En'Tra'Sol. The length of a Coynite's mane is directly related to social status The more respected and successful a warrior, the longer the mane and the more intricate the braids of that mane. The type of braid used is also an indication of the Coynite's family and the Ag'Tra (ruling noble) that the Coynite swears loyalty to.

Attribute Dice: 13D
Special Skills: Mechanical skills: Beast riding. tns. All Coynites raised in traditional Coynite society have this beast riding specialization. Beginning Coynite player characters must allocate a minimum of I D to this skill. Special Abilities: Sneak: Coynites get + ID when using sneak. Claws.- Coynites have sharp claws that do STR+ ID+2 dam- age and add + I D to their brawling skill. Intimidation - Coynites gain a + I D when using intimidation due to their fearsome presence. Story actors: Honor To a Coynite, honor is life. The strict code of the Coynite law, the En'Tra'Sol, must always be followed. Any Coynite who fails to follow this law will be branded af'harl ("cowardly deceiver") and loses all rights in Coynite society. Other Coynites will feel obligated to maintain the honor of their species and will hunt down this Coynite. Because an af'harl has no standing, he or she may be murdered, enslaved or otherwise mistreated in any way that other Coynites see fit. Ferocity. The Coynites have a deserved reputation for ferocity (hence their bonus to intimidation). Move: 11/15 Size: 2.()-3.() meters tall

Coynite Society
The Coynites have a militaristic, feudal society . Warfare and aggression are considered essential to Coyn society.
The planet is ruled by King Im'Toral XV and Queen, Em'Tora VIII. Below them are the 29 Ag'Tra ("Nobles"), heads of the noble families of the world. Each noble family runs a Sarrh'Tais ("law- land"), so that the entire world is under control of the Ag'Tra, who are loyal to the king.
Each Ag'Tra has at least 58 Kroyn, elite war- warriors of exceptional honor and status. Each Ag'Tra sends one Kroyn to serve as the En'Tra's body- guard for one year. Thus, the En'Tra always has 30 Kroyn as a personal elite guard (one from each family or territory).
The vast majority of noble families were so appointed thousands of years ago, although every few centuries, a new family will be added to the noble bloodlines by the En'Tra's decree. It is possible that a family may have its noble status stripped by decree of the En'Tra, but this has never happened. This is probably due to the likelihood that the dishonored family would at- tempt to unite disgruntled factions and lead a revolution, very few En'tras have felt secure enough in their power that they would risk a full- scale civil war.
Coynites value bravery, loyalty, honesty, and duty. Coynites save displays of affection for their own families in private surroundings.
Curses in the Coynite language include zee'tah (fear), mora'ga (weakness), kzah (poison), fa'tar (peace), and the worst of all: af'harl (cowardly deceiver).
There are several greetings used in Coynite society, including "Sat'skars Kabar'Rattar" ("Swords together, blunted in friendship"), "Sat'skars Kabar'Ba" ("Swords together, joined in battle"), a challenge to battle or a warning that animosity exists and great care should be taken or a challenge to combat will be made, "Sat'skars Fas'Tawws'Rattar ("Swords ended in honor and friendship," which means all conflicts have been satisfactorily resolved, thus we are friends) and "Sat'skars Fas'Ba" ("Swords ended in battle," meaning that there remain unresolved differ- differences that will not be forgotten). Coynites value long hair, since in their culture long hair is a sign of great combat ability and honor. Aliens with long hair or shaggy coats (such as Wookiees) are treated with respect. Beings who are bald (or hairless) are shunned as deformed beings. Jedi Knights are a source of fascination to the Coynites. On one hand, there is little doubt that the Jedi are formidable warriors with a code. However, Jedi are not supposed to simply rush into fights or provoke them; peaceful methods of resolving a conflict are preferred, and violence is a last resort. This code mystifies the Coynites, but they greatly respect their abilities and their adherence to their own strict code.
Coynite names are more than "mere" words; they are stories. By literally translating the mean- meaning of the phrases, it is often possible to know the history of an item, or a person, or a location. The longer a name, the more honored a being is or more noble his family. However, Coynites seldom use their full names except when first establishing who has higher standing, such as upon first meeting. As a concession to off-world customs toms. Coynites will allow aliens to use shortened the appropriate level of respect upon the Coynite. To deride an object of great importance or be disrespectful is an unforgivable offense.
When all syllables of a Coynite name are capitalized , it means that the object, place or person is worthy of great respect. All things associated with the En'Tra are always capitalized. Likewise, proper names are capitalized. Some phrases or names are never capitalized; this indicates a relationship with af'harl ("cowardly deceivers").
When creating gamemaster characters, these traditions should be remembered. Many Coynite warriors of noble birth have very long names, which might be translated as "Trel'tak, honor- able warrior who defeated a noble of higher standing, of Clan Muls'rak, leaders of the War of Unification. "

The En Tra Sol (King-Law)
Many thousands of years ago, the Coynites were divided into numerous warring clans. This, combined with their rapid technological development, resulted in a species that not only fought well, but excelled in weapon design and manufacture. Eventually, one Coynite clan learned how to manufacture biological weapons. Whether the action was accidental or intentional is not known, but a dangerous toxin was eventually released. The microbe spread across Coyn, uncontrolled. The toxin was passed by physical contact- anything as simple as a touch of hands could spread the deadly organism. The plague killed over half of the planet's population.
Toral, chief of the strongest clan, realized that the Coynite species was heading towards extinction . He began a series of reforms with his allies and eventually succeeded in not only banishing biological weapons, but also instituted a code of law for the warrior society. Toral's leadership and wisdom united the warring clans under one law (the En'Tra'Sol) and one leader. During this time, the Coynites established the tradition of no personal contact without express permission first. The effect of the biological toxin was so pronounced that the ban on contact became part of the En'Tra'Sol.
Under this law, clan infighting was not eliminated , but the scale of the conflict was greatly reduced. Toral's son, Arl'Toral managed to bring peace to the planet. Arl'Toral channeled his people's natural aggressiveness into a rigid code of conduct by revising the En'Tra'Sol.
Shortly thereafter, settlers from Elrood first discovered Coyn. During these exchanges with the strangers from space, Arl'Toral realized that the best way to ensure peace on Coyn was to channel these aggressive energies to other pursuits suits. In short order, the first Coynite mercenary

What follows is a summary of the En'Tra'Sol.
¥ A Coynite's sratt ("word" or "promise") is his life. All speech, action and story are sratt; once given, it is eternally binding. One who breaks sratt may be branded af'harl.
¥ Combat is the natural order of life. Conflicts and disagreements must be settled openly in combat bat.
¥ An unsheathed or drawn weapon must be used. If a weapon is drawn in anger, it must be used. To not respond to a challenge, or to challenge or threaten idly is to be branded af'harl.
¥ It is forbidden to show mercy in combat. It eliminates the honor of victory in combat and removes the honor of he who is shown mercy, making them af'harl. Combat is to the death unless one swears tracc'sorr ("submission and case they become part of that Coynite's family. At the beginning and end of each combat, all survivors must acknowledge and salute the opponent's honor.
¥ af'tah ("deception") or harl'tah ("cowardice") are unforgivable sins. Use of kzah ("poison") is deception and cowardice. Challenging the in- injured or weak to combat is cowardice and is unforgivable. Those who deceive or show cow- cowardice are branded af'harl.
¥ One must unquestioningly obey all to whom he has sworn tracc'sorr. All superior clan members, Ag'Tra and En'Tra are to be obeyed without reluctance or hesitation. Not to do this is to be branded af'harl.
¥ One may only break tracc'sorr by publicly declaring fas'tracc'sorr, or "end of submission and blood-loyalty." Superior clan members, nobles and, of course, the En'Tra, may challenge anyone doing this to combat.
¥ Pain, sadness, guilt, regret, reluctance, or fear are emotions of af'harl and may not be expressed without losing all honor. ¥ It is forbidden to touch another without first receiving permission. The penalty for this is death.
¥ af'harl are no longer Coynites. af'harl have no rights, no property, no meaning. They are to be murdered, enslaved, or dealt with as any Coynites see fit. A Coynite may take responsibility for af'harl, but all actions of that af'harl are that Coynite's responsibility.

The Assembly of the Ag'Tra
There are 29 Ag'Tra (nobles) who answer directly to the En'Tra. Of these 29, nine are sympathetic to the Empire, five are sympathetic to the Rebellion, and the remaining 15 are neutral. While subterfuges and behind the scenes skulking are not a permissible part of Coyn life, nobles are permitted to indulge in a little political wrangling, and some of this involves setting up unfavorable circumstances for rival nobles, or even large battles with lopsided odds. Even so, if any hard evidence of such behind the scenes planning comes to light, the noble will be branded af'harl. In an extreme case, the entire noble family may be branded af'harl, in which case a new family from within that territory will be selected to be the new noble bloodline.

Unique Coynite Items
These items are available to off-worlders. Ekkar Arms of Coyn is the chief manufacturer and seller of these items. These weapons are hand-crafted by individual weapons' masters, which explains their cost.

Model: Ekkar arms coyn'skar
Type: Coynite bladed pole
Skill: Melee combat
Cost: 400
Availability: 3
Difficulty: Moderate (blade), Very Difficult (disarm with hook)
Damage: STR+2D (blade), STR+2 (hook)
Capsule: The coyn'skar is a pole weapon with a lengthy, sharp blade on one end and a hook at the base. The shaft is tooled in such a way as to offer maximum grip. The hook can be used to trip or disarm an opponent.

Model: Ekkar Arms sat'skar
Type: Coynite sword
Skill: Melee combat
Cost: 700
Availability: 3
Difficulty: Difficult
Damage: STR+3D+I
Capsule: A Coynite sword, it must be used with both hands (if swung one-handed, damage is only STR+ID and the difficulty increases to Very Difficult cult). The blade has grooves in it that cause terrible wounds.

Model: Ekkar Arms d'skar
Type: Coynite dagger
Skill: Melee combat
Cost: 150
Availability: 3
Difficulty: Moderate
Damage: STR+ I D+ I
Capsule: A Coynite dagger, this is the most common weapon among Coynites. These weapons are known for their fine craftsmanship and deadly blades.

Coynite Battle Armor
Model: Ekkar Arms Coynite battle armor
Type: Coynite personal battle armor
Cost: 3,000
Availability: 3
Game Notes: Adds +2D protection from all physical and energy attacks. All Dexterity skills are penalized -ID.
Capsule: This bulky yet functional suit includes a helmet and is made from the stands of walt'sor plants, found only on Coyn. Despite the suit's rather humble origins, it provides excellent protection against physical and energy attacks.

Coynite Companies
Ekkar Arms: This is Coyn's chief manufacturer of arms and armor. Whether it is Coynite native weaponry or blaster rifles, thermal detonators and vibro-axes, Ekkar's products are of the highest quality. As a result, all of Ekkar's merchandise costs 10 percent more than aver- age prices. However, in return, weapons such as blasters are easier to repair (one level of difficulty lower) and can withstand more punish- ment (consider +1D over normal body).

Mercenary Guild of Coyn: This is the main Coynite mercenary organization, and it is offi- cially affiliated with the En'Tra. Each noble family is required to contribute a specific number of soldiers for mercenary service, and individuals are allowed to join at their discretion. The Merce- nary Guild of Con hires out its services to all legal activities. In other words, the mercenary guild may hire out soldiers to serve for the Em- pire, or to serve for a corporation, but the guild will not hire out soldiers to the Rebel Alliance. As Coyn is within the Empire, it will not risk a full invasion by the Empire; a hopeless fight isn't honorable.
Warriors always have the option of rejecting mercenary missions, but no warrior has ever used this option, since it would result in lost honor. All warriors have sworn to defend Coyn and Coyn's interests in the event of attack.
Guild entry fee is 100 credits and annual dues are 50 credits. The Guild gets 15 percent of the mercenary's pay. Weapons and armor can be purchased from the guild at a 10 percent discount .
The Mercenary Guild is a venerable, trustwor- thy operation with a reputation above reproach. Mercenaries who violate their contracts, flee from a battle, turn on their employer, or other- wise commit treason or show cowardice are branded af'harl. In some cases, such as deser- tion, the guild will send other mercs to hunt down and execute the coward. The Mercenary Guild has offices on Elrood, Torina, Derilyn, and Lanthrym.

Average Coynite Mercenary. Dexterity 3D+2, blaster 5D, brawling parry 4D, melee combat 5D, Knowledge ID, suruival 4D, Mechanical ID, Per- ception 2D, Strength 5D+ 1, brawling 6D+2, Techni- cal 1D. Move: 10. Character Points: 3. Blaster rifle (5D), Coynite battle armor (+2D to all attacks), coyn'skar STR+2D (blade), STR+2 (hook).

Rols'Kus "Arena of the Games")
The Rols'Kus ("arena of the games") is a 250,000- seat amphitheater located in the capital, En'Tra'Tal. It is the site of the immensely popular kus'nar gladiatorial games of the Coynites. Since Coynites view these combats as sport, they are not to the death unless the loser is unwilling to submit to his opponent. Of course, most com- bats do last until one of the recipients receives a very serious injury, so most "cultured" beings view these combats as barbaric.
There are games every night, and during holi- days, day-long contests and championships are held. As a rule, off-worlders are not usually featured in these combats. Coynites view participation in these games as an honor, and many young warriors focus their dreams on being named Tawws'Kroyn, "Most Honorable Champion Warrior."
Most of the contests are brawling or melee combats, though there is a target shooting con- test for archaic guns, blasters, and bows. Each game is played in a series of elimination rounds. The arena itself is climate controlled and equipped with a holo projection system so that each patron has a perfect view of the action.

Arquas'Tais "Land of Fallen Ones of Valor")
Located outside the capital, this is a vast cemetery. An honor guard of four Coynites in full battle regalia always watches over the field. Here are buried all Coynites who have fallen in battle. Additionally, members of other species who have fought for Coyn or died in service to the Mercenary Guild are buried here.

Creatures of Coyn

Type: Domesticated riding animal
Running 5D
Intimidation 5D
Search: tracking 5D
Stamina 7D
Special Abilities:
Hooves. Do STR+ID damage
Teeth. Do STR+2D damage
Move: 16
Size: 2.0 meters tall at the shoulder, up to 3.5 meters long
Scale: Creature
Orneriness: 5D+I (1D for Coynite soulrider)
Capsule: The tris is a huge, dun-colored, muscular, six-legged steed favored by the Coynites. From child- hood, each Coynite is taught how to ride a single young tris, which becomes the Coynite's compan- ion. The Coynite who rides the tris is called its kars'asruul ("soulrider"). From this point on, Coynite and tris are bonded spiritually. Most tris have a mane, and it is grown and braided to match that of its owner. Many Coynites also decorate their tris with painted runes telling of the ...... except by its kars'asruul. Tris are carnivores, as evidenced by their fangs. These huge teeth, coupled with the shaggy manes and blood red pupil-less eyes, make for a very fear- some appearance. Breaking a tris takes six months and is a Heroic beastridingtask.Thetaskcanbespreadoutovertwo years,requiringtwoModeratebeastndingtasks.The trouble is worth it, for the result is a loyal, bonded mount, more friend and companion than pet or beast of burden.

Type: Carnivorous predator
Dodge 6D
Intimidation 6D
Hide 6D, sneak 5D
STRENGTH 5D Brawling 7D, lifting 6D, stamina 7D
Special Abilities:
Claws: Do STR+3D damage
Teeth: Do STR+2D damage
Camouflage. Tangaks can effectively blend in with their surroundings. Tangaks gain a +2D bonus to their sneak dice if the terrain has buildings, trees and bushes, or large piles of rock to hide near.
Move: 13
Size: 3.0-3.5 meters tall
Scale: Creature
Capsule: Tangaks are huge, shaggy, bipedal predators. These crafty carnivores are the worst enemy (and thus the favorite hunting sport) of the Coynites. While lacking true intelligence, they are cunning and dangerous; in fact, some tangaks use elaborate traps to capture prey. Despite their huge bulk, these beasts can move very quietly and surprise their prey. This, coupled with their camouflage ability, makes them very dangerous to hunt.
The favored food of tangaks is tris. Considering that tris are fearsome animals in their own right, a fight between a tris and a tangak is a terrible thing to behold. Though tangaks shun cities as a rule, some of the older and more confident tangaks will creep into cities at night and stalk Coynite prey through the artificial canyons made by the tall buildings.

-From "The Star Wars Planets Collection" by West End Games