Alcmedon was just this guy, you know? He happened to have a loud mouth, light fingers, and a penchant for knives. And he was working for some dark Jedi -- no-one's sure why, and you can bet your bantha Alcmedon will never tell you.

Anyways, one day, the boss comes up to him and says, "Hey, I'm bringing in this force-sensitive goat and his friends. There's gonna be a bomb involved, and I want you to make sure everything... goes off... well. Get it?"

"Sure, boss." <THUNK> goes a knife.

"Maybe we'll even see about a little vacation for you, after you get rid of that... mold we have down in the cellar."

"Sure, boss." <THUNK> goes a knife.

The events following this conversation are detailed in "The Warehouse at the End of the Universe"

Having joined the group, mostly because he had nothing better to do, Alcmedon then played a bit part in what has become known as "The El'Li Incident" which part consisted mostly of standing there with his jaw hanging down while his friends were... hacked into. He then set off with Vitri Tenkin, droid and sometime friend, the two of them determined to track this little kitty and do unto him. Alcmedon, from what we hear, has recently added a "lucky cat's foot" to his keychain.