He's dead, Jim

Stepping Back...
Carue thought that he had finally found a stable means of income (aside from the lunch money Vitri stole from Astromech droids). Having affiliated themselves with such a, shall we say, multi-talented group, it seemed almost any job would be a piece of cake. The varied realms of "expertise" among the group seemed to assure their success; they had brains, brawn, and a shadowy wolf creature. However, these differences lead Vitri and Carue to disaster, for no particular reason at all.

Their first job was a simple "sneak attack slack." Carue would do the slacking, and everyone else would watch his back. He snuck into the compound with the aid of Tset Nal and El'Li, and started to do what he did best. At which point he was thrown from the computer terminal by El'Li, who suddenly had delusions of grandeur regarding his own computer literacy. Taking great offense, Carue proceded to defend his only claim to fame, honor, or usefullness of any kind (namely his slacking skills). That's when everything went awry. In the next twenty seconds or so, there were claws, vibro axes and golf clubs swinging like there was no tommorrow, with Vitri shooting off his blaster left and right for good measure. Vitri had been assigned to watch the back door in case of emergency, which ultimately resulted from internal dispute, saving the guards the trouble. At this point Carue realized that a two party system was better for this line of work after all. He then decided to abandon the mission, and was on his way out the window when El'Li proceeded to empty the contents of Carue's abdomen onto the carpet, and bury his vibroaxe into the delicate inner workings of Vitri's chassis. The dynamic duo was downed in one round, the offender having used the maximum number of character points allowed to accomplish the dastardly deed.