Salix Tarandus is wandering the stars in search of a Jedi Master, one who will be able to make him a Knight. He knows that the time draws near when he must return to Ber'Kana and free his people. He is traveling with Elyssa Rue and B'sye Achtere, forming a kind of quasi-family of students, all trained at one time or another by Gerkan Bendoya. Salix is now trying to keep Elyssa from B'sye's dark influence.

Stepping back...
Salix met Torykh Sharr on Ber'kana, Salix's home planet. Torykh had been assigned to assassinate the High Council Governor, thus creating enough conflict for the Empire to win the favor of the ruling classes. However, Torykh experienced a change of heart when he realized what was going to happen to the young monks, and took it upon himself to help rescue Salix's friend from public humiliation and disfigurement. In the escape, Torykh and Salix were discovered by Tobit and Odyynrah who, in their desire to show off for their boss Boreus Sam, smuggled the pair off the planet.

Salix spent his time following the rogues around like a lost child, attempting to find his place in the galaxy. It was then that he had a run-in with a bounty hunter. In a desperate move, Salix tried to grab the mob boss Sam only to have his horn disintegrated by an errant blaster bolt. He was nearly killed in the process. In classic assassin style, the other members of the group avenged their fallen compatriot and dragged his hulking carcass off the premises.

When Salix came to, he was severely disturbed by having lost a horn. He became distant and aggressive, and began to pull his own weight. He began to show his potential as a hero, but lacked the training to realize this potential. When Salix found himself actively participating in the extermination of a species for personal gain, he admonished the group for their actions and spent the next flight in a deep soul search. The group was vastly different from how it began; Tobit was dead, Odyynrah had left, and a few new travelers had joined the group. None of these newcomers knew Salix very well, nor did they respect him very much. Salix was an outcast again. But Torykh was still his friend, and would not find him in disfavor. In fact, they had taught each other much, having such varied origins. But no one told Salix about the Jedi until he discovered he ought to become one. Gerkan Bendoya at last showed him the true power Salix had, the power of the Force.

Salix crammed for his confrontation with B'sye Achtere, a demonically insane Jedi bent on destroying Salix and Gerkan. Salix managed to survive the attack long enough for B'sye to mistake his own leg for a potential target. Salix bid a fond but hasty farewell to the odd assortment of travelers that hardly knew him for what he truly was. At this point Gerkan whisked Salix away to an undisclosed destination to train him in the proper manner. Salix trained Jedi under Gerkan's watchful eye, a Jedi Master of unknown origins. For nearly a year Salix learned to harness the force, becoming more in tune with himself and the galaxy around him. Training was difficult, however, due to Bendoya's failing health. Gerkan's abilities as a Jedi Master had always been limited, and it showed in his slow training methods. (It is also questionable whether or not Gerkan ever really achieved the level of Master in any officiality.) Despite this, Salix was deeply saddened when Gerkan, on his deathbed, gave Salix his final words of advice.

Salix spent some time alone, wandering the nearby systems in search of another Jedi Master, or at least a Knight, in order to fulfill his destiny. He began to assemble a sketchy history of his former Master's life, including the name of his only other living (?) student, Elyssa Rue. He began to search her out, figuring that the more experienced Jedi could aid him in his quest to become a Knight and to learn more about his Master's life. However, it was she who found him, and they instantly connected. Elyssa became Salix's tutor and guide, and Salix became Elyssa's dedicated guardian, both physically and spiritually. Elyssa's relationship with Gerkan had ended in bitterness, and Salix found himself constantly at odds with her darker side. He became her anchor to the Light Side of the Force. They decided to seek out a Jedi Master together.

Instead, Salix and Elyssa found B'sye Achtere, the Jedi who nearly killed himself with his own lightsaber. He had recovered (mostly) and was mobile with the aid of a cybernetic leg. B'sye had changed in more ways, however. He had been consumed by his hatred and anger- consumed by the Dark Side, and this had caused his madness. During his recovery he came to realize his mistake, and was pulled from the brink of oblivion. This required a lot of explaining at the end of two lightsabers...