Tobit was your classic smuggler; he was born on Corellia, he owned a ship that he owed money to a gangster on, and he had Wookiee mechanic as his first mate. Life was pretty good until he met up with all those other guys. Then, one day, it just sort of... ended.

The death of Tobit was a shining example of what is known in the military as a "Grade-A, Class-One Clusterfuck."

Fresh from their success against the gangster Boreas Sam, but fearful of reprisal, our heroes fled Corellia, ending up in, where else? a bar on some other planet, the name of which really has no bearing on anything. There, playing a little Sabacc, drinking a little ale, they were unpleasantly interrupted by a posse of stormtroopers, who announced that everyone needed to get up against the wall, and that they were looking for someone named "El'Li," a known assassin.

Now, as being put up against the wall is usually followed by one of two unpleasant events, one of which is getting shot, and as their compatriot Torykh informed them that it was likely him the white-suits were looking for, our heroes were inclined to resist.

Funny thing was, some other person, a melancholic cat-creature sitting by himself, stood up and announced that he was El'Li. But, whatever. There were stormtrooper helmets to be broken, and our boys were not about to be stopped. As the stormtroopers went down the line, someone lashed out, most likely Torykh. The rest of our heroes drew their guns, or what have you, and proceeded with the firefight. One of them, the brainiest of the group, Salix, perhaps also a little enraged at having lost a horn and therefore needing to vent, picked up a table and attempted to hurl it into the mass of stormtroopers. Sad to say, the table was quite slippery from the grease and grime that generally accumulates in such locales, and, well, he dropped it on his toes. Not easily discouraged, and feeling a little sheepish, he tried this heroic feat again, only to, once again, drop the table.

Meanwhile his companions were faring very little better, misfiring and taking nasty blaster hits left and right. One of these hits was so nasty, it actually killed the one it hit. And that one was Tobit. He dropped to the ground with a dull thud. Had this been a movie, slow-motion would have been in order.

And this, my friends, was the first player-character casualty of Slaughterhouse: Episode V.

Oh, sure, they tried to revive him. Salix actually performed a miracle by bringing Tobit back to life for the space of, oh, three seconds, whereupon Tobit, lacking the strength to wake all the way up, died. For good.

They called up Odyynrah, who, after expressing the fact that he was exceptionally pissed off, took them back to Corellia. There the Wookiee took it upon himself to inform Tobit's father of his son's death. You can read all about that and the events that followed it in "The Trouble with Small Energy-eating Insects, or Radio Silence is Optional."