Physical Description: He's a friendly looking fellow, dresses as any slacker would. His hair is never "combed" in the conventional sense, nor his clothes "clean." Sometimes he'll wear the same clothes for a week, and then pick them up off the floor another two months later and wear them again. Dark hair and light skin, fingernails chewed to oblivion from the stress of gallivanting with Vitri.

Background: Born and raised on Andasala, he found he had a knack for hacking into computer systems of any kind. However, whatever knack he had to hack, was counteracted by a lack of the usual attitude of "hack the planet." Since he was surrounded by crime, he soon found work as a slicer, but being so heavily involved in crime did not suit him either. Becoming free-lance and establishing some sort of scruples, he advertised himself as "a 'slacker,' offering the best of both worlds." One day he was set up on a blind date, with a rather "assertive" girl. She brought him to a droid fighting tournament, and then threw a bread roll at one of the contenders. The droid became offended, and came after Carue with mean intentions. Carue bamboozled his way out of a beating, and convinced the droid to spare him. V-3PO soon evolved into the crazy sunuvabitch known as Vitri Tenkin, the droid "fluent in over six million forms of kicking your ass." The two became partners in crime, with Carue "slacking" into computer systems as a freelance operative with his scruples, and Vitri beat up anyone who required beating up.

Personality:He's a bit of a smartass, but he knows when to quit. He know's he's not going to win any fights, but at the same time, knows that Vitri can. Needless to say he's much braver with Vitri by his side. On the other hand, he does try to steer Vitri away from some of the more unnecessary fights, like beating up astromech droids because "they looked at him funny." The only time his mouth writes any checks his body can't cash is when his "slacking" skills are questioned. He often gets rather ornery, and will proceed to violence if necessary. That's why he carries a golf club.

Objective:To gain respect for his unique brand of computer expertise, get a good chunk of change, retire early, and maybe get killed by a psychotic cat creature.

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Connection with other characters: Carue is Vitri's partner in crime, and he knows Alchmedon through work related connections.