Physical Description: Salix has two massive horns, one of which is carved with runes and symbols. He has three fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot. Salix has a beard and blue-gray fur. He has pointed, conical ears, red tattoos on his head and body, and yellow eyes. His shoulder-length hair is a bloody crimson. He is a very large individual, and now dresses in dark clothing reminicent of the Jedi. He is usually draped in a heavy black robe with a hood. Now that he has the robes of a Kanan priest, he looks a little like an Egyptian god...

Background: Salix Tarandus was a young monk in a monastary on the distant planet Ber'kana. This monastary was hidden from mainstream society, as the practices of the monks, namely "black magick," were considered highly illegal. One of the young monks, a friend of Salix's, betrayed his bretheren and revealed the location of the monastary to the authorities. All the elders were slaughtered, and the young students imprisoned, where they awaited a horrific fate. Salix escaped into the wilderness of Ber'kana after nearly being "sawn" (horns cut off in public humiliation ritual), accused of heresy. He left several of his fellow disciples behind to their fate. During his escape he killed the Lord Judge of the Shard, primarily by goring him to death. The rest, as they say, is history.

Personality: Life in this dark galaxy has taught Salix to appreciate the stars for their light. There is much he has to learn, but Salix has come so far. He is driven by this sense of purpose that the Jedi Way has given him. Honest and forthright, this spiritualist has a natural affinity for all things the Jedi hold sacred. He has begun to diverge from the typical Kanan archetype into a well-rounded hero. Salix has learned humility, and his naivite has given way to patience and insight. Salix has indeed conquered his instinctive fears.

Objective: To find a Jedi Master to complete the training.

A Quote: "Sometimes, I see the faces of those fallen heroes in my dreams. Sometimes, I hear them calling me. Do you know the destiny of the Jedi?"

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