Physical Description: An insect-like humanoid, covered with chitinous orange plates. He has large, black eyes, no teeth, and two antennae: just like everyone else.

Background: T-Bone's hobby and profession make up for any physical shortcomings. He likes to blow up things. From setting up mines to demolishing buildings and fortresses, he knows how to use explosives to get the most effect. His booby traps are legendary. T-Bone has been in the Rebel Marines for a few years now, and has risen to the rank of Master Sergeant. He funtions primarily as a demolitionist in covert operations against the Empire, but with the innate technical genius of his Verpine heritage, he can also work wonders as a medic, mechanic, and programmer. T-Bone's hobby has not made him popular with people in Imperial-controlled worlds. The fact that he is very eccentric (some would say outright crazy) does not help. T-Bone always has an explosive device on his person, either something visible like a pair of grenades, or disguised as an inoffensive article like a comlink or datapad.

Personality: T-Bone can be a charming and funny guy, but his horror stories about explosives and accidents make people nervous. He also has an air of insanity about him that can be disturbing. The man (bug?) has almost supernatural luck, and has never been hurt by one of his explosions. He doesn't trust assistants, and does all the work himself.

Objective: Primarily, to make things go BOOM. Also, to service the Rebel Marines.

Quotes: "We really should be leaving. NOW."

"If it ain't broke, I can either fix it or blow it up."

Connection with other characters: Master Sergeant in the Rebel squad (Aurek Squadron), the highest ranking enlisted man on the team. He is outranked by the two officers, Colonel Sed Atum and Lieutenant Vidar Jehrade.